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12 Reasons to come to LCLC

  • Conference registration fee is affordable

  • All Access Registration fee is all inclusive (drinks, breakfast, lunch & dinner meals & snacks included)

  • Our conference locations are always in beautiful locations and close to other "things to do"

  • We offer a conference that is a safe space women

  • Conference is small and intimate with less than 100 participants

  • Access to industry experts (publishers, editors, social media influencers, librarians)

  • Conference sessions start at 10am and are done by 5pm so you can sleep in and enjoy your evenings

  • Hotel feels like a resort and not some cold stuffy conference room

  • Spouses feel like they are coming to a retreat and not a conference

  • On-site bookstore

  • Raffle & silent auction money is donated to local charity

  • Although we are not a non-profit, we do not make any money hosting the conference, we do it out of the dedication to expanding LesFic Literature and bringing women together to share their craft.

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Our Story

We started LCLC out of a love for lesbian fiction books and a need to have a conference on the west (left coast). It was created with the intent of welcoming all authors regardless of where they are in their publishing journey. Work shops in the past have included - how to create a believable plot, moving from idea to a manuscript, writing the hook, hands-on demonstrations by industry professionals and more. LCLC is a great conference to network with industry professionals and meet your biggest fans and have a great time.

LesFic readers can take part in Q&A sessions, readings, and mix and mingle shoulder to shoulder with their favorite author. The conference is intimate, welcoming, and a safe space for women. We keep the attendance under 100 so that it is not overwhelming because, let’s face it, authors and readers can sometimes be

We have resounding support from our spouses who love the LCLC. They feel like it is more of a retreat than a stuffy conference. In the past we have hosted a lot of the conference space outside on the grounds of the hotel, which means we incorporate the pool and garden area for meals, mixers, and entertainment.

Meet The Team

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